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Hardwood & Plastic Combination

Warmth of Ipe hardwood and durability of Forever-nu™ Plastic Lumber

Get the classic look of hardwoods, plus the durability and color variety that our Forever-nu™ recycled plastic is known for.

We utilize Ipe (pronounced "Ee-Pay") trim and Forever-nu™ Plastic Lumber panels for our combination pieces. Ipe is an exotic hardwood with a fine texture, reddish brown color and lots of character. It is insect resistant and more than twice as hard as Hickory. Forever·nu™ is 97% pure recycled plastic, incredibly low maintenance and comes in ten standard fade-resistant colors.

One thing to note about our Ipe trimmed products is that they require a small amount of annual maintenance. To keep the Ipe looking like new we recommend applying a fresh coat of stain annually. Because of that, we suggest using the Ipe trim version of a product around your clubhouse where you'll need fewer pieces overall and they won't be exposed to the elements.

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