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Forever·nu™ Plastic Lumber

We give recycled plastic a good name

Forever·nu™ is 97% pure recycled plastic. Unlike composites, there are no fillers which can absorb moisture and affect performance. We employ dado-slot and pocket-screw construction for super strength. Our choice of fasteners, reinforced steel tubing and components give each piece staying power.

Low Maintenance

Imagine what you could get done without having to deal with regular maintenance. Between capital assets, pool upkeep and the like – you don’t need any more maintenance on your hands; fortunately, Forever·nu™ takes it out of the equation.

Purity Matters

Our material doesn’t have fillers—it’s 97% pure HDPE—recycled milk jugs in fact. Some other grades of recycled plastic, while suitable for decking applications, can actually absorb moisture leading to mold, rotting and unpleasant odors. The purity of Forever·nu™ helps avoids those issues and subsequent negative guest touchpoints. A few of our larger products utilize HDPE laminate. See each product page for specific details.

10 standard colors. Endless possibilities.

Forever·nu™ isn’t just an alternative, it rivals wood as the material of choice in several respects. It’s got the look and the most latitude; mix and match up to 100 different color combinations of Forever·nu™ to match your environment – indoors and out.

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Fade-Resistant Colors

Forever·nu™ stays looking brand new for years thanks to bonding agents and UV inhibitors extruded within the material – it’s like sunblock for your products. Plus, the color is throughout the material making it hard-wearing yet aesthetically pleasing.

Material Longevity. Guaranteed.

Forever·nu™ won’t harbor to insects like wood meaning it’ll stay structurally sound in its own right for decades. In fact, we guarantee the material itself will not rot, splinter, decay or suffer structural damage directly from insects or fungal decay for 50 years, under normal use. Combined with our engineering techniques and you’ll enjoy a return on investment in the long-run through lower maintenance costs and fewer reinvestments.