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Fresh Towels From Fresh Ideas

Towel Solutions

Fresh Towels From Fresh Ideas

Transform your pool area and match the type of experience you deliver on the course. With innovative Towel Solutions from Prestwick, you’ll have everything you need to keep the area tidy and delight guests at the same time.

Towel Buggies & Shelving Enclosures

Avoid the unsightly visual of discarded, dirty towels with a Buggy or Shelving Enclosure that’ll maintain appearances and keep your pool area looking tidy.

Towel Caddies

Towel Caddies are the perfect alternative to our larger Valets when space is at a premium.

Towel Returns

The little things add up for a great experience and can also benefit your staff – productivity improves when towel collection is easy for your guests.

Towel Valets

There’s no excuse for a messy pool area—with a versatile Towel Valet, you’ll have everything you need to dispense fresh towels, collect the dirty ones—and look great doing it, too.