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Ice Boxes


Prestwick Golf Group is pleased to announce its all-new cooler box innovation. With rotomolded, double-walled coolers at varying volumes and a divider for even more configurations, the all-new ICE BOX is your new solution to keep your players hydrated.

The All-New Ice Box Keeps Ice For Up To 4-5 Times Longer

Pick Your Size
70qt (45 water bottles) or 110qt (82 water bottles)
Choose Your Height
Standard size of 24 inches & 30 inches
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Determine Your Needs

Coordinate with Your Property

Great Lakes Collection
70qt Black with Green Trim & Overlay Logo
Great Lakes Collection
110qt White with Tan Trim & Cast Metal Logo
Keystone Collection
70qt Tan with Ipe Trim & Laser Engraved Logo
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4-5x Ice Retention
Includes Hose Hookup for Easy Drainage

Dream It, So We Can Build It

Additional Options

Add Branding


Laser Cut Metal


Overlay Plaque

Cast Metal

A tasteful logo application will elevate your property’s furnishings and maintain your property’s brand standards.



Available Materials
Forever·Nu Lumber
Forever·Nu Panels, Ipe Trim

Forever·nu™ Lumber

Ipe Hardwood


Available Collections
Keystone Collection
Great Lakes Collection

Customize Your Ice Boxes for Your Unique Golf Course and Property Needs

Product Dimensions

Collections Style Width x Depth Height
Great Lakes / La Playa / Keystone / Tribute / Birkdale 70 Quarts 44" x 23" 27" - 40"
110 Quarts 50" x 24" 27" - 40"

Think Inside The Box

Does your property have unique hydration or refreshment needs for your guests? We’re here to help. Our golf course ice boxes can be customized to your exact needs and specifications. Reach out today for a Prestwick Golf Group quote of your own!

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