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So much goes into getting your course primed and ready for the season. When it comes to the particulars of your course, don’t skimp on the reasons members come to play.

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Greens & Grounds Solutions

Ball Washers

Impress members from the first tee with the very best in golf course furnishings. Our Champion™ Ball Washer is great example of the innovation that drives us to design products that delight from tee to green.

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Broken Tee Boxes

Keep tee boxes clear of broken tees and free from the distractions that prevent members from playing their best.

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Bunker Rakes

Avoiding the beach may not always be possible, so provide players with the right tool to make a quick escape.

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Cart Barriers

Keep hazards clear of cart or foot traffic with a well-established barrier.

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Divot Mix Storage

Keeping your fairways and tee boxes free from divots is an ongoing battle. As the season wears on, encourage more repairs by placing Divot Mix Boxes throughout your course.

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Flags & Flagsticks

At a minimum, players will have 18 interactions with your brand during a round. Our configuration options will help you make those associations memorable.

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Greens Accessories

It takes a lot to keep your greens manicured and challenging. We have the right tools to make that job manageable.

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Hazard & OB Markers

It may seem like a simple piece of plastic, but we’re a bit partial to the product that launched our company in 1997.

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Rope Stakes

Keep golfers on track with well placed and highly visible Rope Stakes.

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Sand Bottle Boxes & Racks

Encourage ground repair on a more regular basis when the opportunity to refill sand bottles is more visible throughout your course.

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Yardage & Distance Markers

Regardless of what you need to display, Prestwick can help you design a package of custom signage that’s tailored specific to your brand.

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