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Get answers to any questions you might have related to ordering, shipping, assembly and care.


Questions about our materials

What is Forever-nu™ made of?

Forever-nu™ Recycled Plastic is made of post-consumer HDPE, primarily recycled milk jugs. It’s 97% pure – no fillers are added, only bonding agents, colorant and UV inhibitors to ensure longevity.

Can I paint Forever-nu™?

We don’t recommend it. In fact, few paints will actually adhere to it because of the simple nature of the material and its low-porosity. We see this as a benefit. Forever-nu™ stays vibrant for years so it won’t require painting.

How do I clean Forever-nu™?

While Forever-nu™ is virtually maintenance-free, there’ll inevitably be times you’ll want to tidy it up. Simply wet a rag with a mild detergent and wipe it clean (we recommend SimpleGreen®, available at any Home Depot). If there’s dirt caught in the faux-grain edges of the material or in the engraved labels, use a plastic bristle stiff brush to free up the residue and wipe clean. For more heavy-duty cleaning, to remove permanent marker for instance, try Miracle Solution.

What other materials do you offer?

In addition to our flagship material, Forever-nu™ Recycled Plastic, we also construct furnishings using Ipe and Garapa Hardwoods.

How often does Ipe require staining?

Assuming you’ve decided you want to maintain the finished look of Ipe as opposed to letting it weather to a silver patina, staining should be done annually at a minimum (1-3 times a year depending on climate).

Do your Garapa products come stained?

No, Garapa is left unstained. If you’d like to have it stained please specify that when ordering (for an additional charge).

Questions about production

What are your lead times?

Production times average just 15 business days from artwork approval to shipping. Lead times may vary depending on seasonal fluctuations and order complexity.

Questions about shipping

Does Prestwick have a preferred carrier?

Yes. We use UPS as our preferred carrier for small package shipments. However, you are welcome to use your preferred third party carrier for small package, LTL, volume and full truckload moves with all charges being billed directly to you (customer/account number required). Otherwise, we will use the most economical carrier available.

How long are transit times approximately?

Domestic shipments typically arrive in 2 to 6 business days depending on your region.

Can we expedite shipping?

For expedited service, we can utilize UPS for an additional fee. Saturday delivery is not available in all regions. No Sunday delivery is offered.

Where are orders being shipped from?

The majority of our products are shipped from our headquarters/manufacturing facility located in Sussex, WI, USA. We do also drop ship select products from other locations.

Is shipping included?

Shipping & handling charges are not included in our prices. Shipments are “F.O.B. Destination” meaning Prestwick assumes liability in transit.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Prices are determined based on quantity of pallets, dimensions, weight and class of the shipment.

What is “standard” shipping?

All standard shipping & handling charges include delivery from our facility to a single specified location with a loading dock. It is your responsibility as the receiver to remove your order off the truck with a forklift (a pallet jack may work for smaller shipments). Any additional services needed should be specified before your shipment has left our facility (may require an additional charge).

How do I determine special shipping requirements?

Check with your shipping & receiving department to confirm their facilities can handle such a shipment (e.g. loading dock and forklift).

What if we don’t have a loading dock?

If you don’t have a loading dock, please specify that you’ll need a “lift gate” for delivery of your products before they ship. This extra service costs a flat $90 and will help ensure receipt of your furnishings. Small package shipments, however, do not require a loading dock.

How is international shipping handled?

Utilize our freight forwarder or your own preferred forwarder. We can handle customs clearance, duties and taxes as well as meet international pallet standards. Air or ocean freight options are available. Have confidence in your order; we have experience shipping manufactured product to 60 countries and counting in Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and Europe.